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Cheltenham Awards

For the past two years I have entered the Cheltenham Illustration Awards. 

In 2017, I entered this piece for the theme 'Tales Through Others' Eyes' which was inspired by the cats that lived down my street. Every time I would walk down the street in my university house in Birmingham, the cats down my street would stare at me. Sometimes they were in the oddest of places e.g. under cars, hidden in/behind bushes, etc. This illustration is a depiction of how I felt being watched by them on the daily.

This piece was drawn in fineliner and then manipulated and coloured using Adobe Photoshop.

In 2018, I entered again with the theme 'Tangled Tales' which was inspired by a walk one day where I saw a man in his garden, playing with a giant train track. 

This led me to create a story in my head about a man who had trains tangled in his house, where his furniture would be placed to accompany these trains and he and his family would go about their everyday lives tangled within these trains. 

This piece was created digitally using the app 'Procreate' and an Apple pencil.

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