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Thailand 2016

In the summer of 2016, I was selected as one of three students to represent Birmingham City University for ImaginAsia in Thailand.

After the ImaginAsia project, we were set a brief to create a selection of images to exhibit which was inspired by our trip to Thailand.

I decided to focus my work on the stray dogs and the elephants in captivity. I wanted to touch upon how elephants are treated terribly with heavy chains and thick tears streaming down their face, yet draped with elegant jewels and cloth. Similar to how the stray dogs are treated and they are seen as vermin.

I initially wanted to create a narrative about a friendship between a stray dog and an elephant in captivity. The stray dog dreams of being an elegant elephant that he sees parading the streets in all their attire, only to find out the reality of how these elephants are treated. Maybe one day I'll finish this. 

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